About derkonzert

derkonzert is about concerts in Munich. All concerts and events are picked - or submitted - by its users and visitors, real people who love music.


Tod dem Genre! As an open community for concerts in Munich, all musical styles are allowed. Nothing is bad. Everything is good. Discovering music is beautiful.

You are invited, to take part in this project by sharing and adding your favourite concerts and "Geheimtipps". Don't hesitate. If you like it, others will too.


You don't need an account, to use derkonzert. Everyone can see all events, and everyone can submit new events! But of course there are some benefits from having an account:


As a registered user, you can bookmark important concerts for yourself, to not forget about them and have them synced into your calendar.

Try it out yourself here:


Awesome Event You Wanna Go To

Click the bookmark icon on the right!

Additionally, with this bookmarking feature, you actively recommend events to all other derkonzert visitors:

Highlighted Events

You may have noticed, that some events look a little different in the list. This depends on the number of users who have bookmarked it:

…that way, you can contribute to derkonzert, by simply marking all events you'd like to go to.

Calendar Integration

If you are using a digital calendar, like e.g. the ones from google, or apple, you can have all your bookmarks synced into it.

Manage calendar integration

Email Notifications

You can receive email notifications about freshly submitted events and certain updates to your bookmarked events, so that you don't have to check the list every day manually.

In the near future, you can also be notified, if one of your bookmarked events get canceled or postponed for some reason.

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If you like, you can have your username next to the events that you submitted or bookmarked. This of course depends on your privacy settings: disable the feature, and no one will ever see your username or email address.

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Who is behind this platform?

Next to many friends, giving me feedback and throwing in their ideas, and all the users contributing events to the list, it's me: Ju

When I started derkonzert in 2015, it was merely meant as a calendar for myself, but it quickly became much more. I discovered alot of new music that I love today and that I probably would'nt know, if it wasn't for the awesome derkonzert users.

Website Issues

If you find any errors or weird behavior, contact me and describe what happend at kontakt@derkonzert.de.

Also send an email, if you think the website is missing something, or if you have an idea on how to improve it.

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