About derkonzert

derkonzert is about concerts in Munich. All concerts and events are picked - or submitted - by real people, who love music.

This list of concerts is supposed to be an alternative to big websites, that just aggregate everything that's going on in munich.

Tod dem Genre

As you may have noticed, there's no option to filter the list. This is by intention. Discovering music is beautiful, and genres kind of prevent this. Thats why there is no filter, but a track preview button.

Submitting concerts

You are invited, to take part in this project by sharing and adding your favourite concerts and "Geheimtipps". Nothing is bad. If you like it, others will too.

After you've send a submission, it will be flagged as not verified. This means that I haven't had time to check if the concert is actually real. Sometimes this may take a while.

Highlighted concerts

All submissions are being reviewed by a team of users. When viewing the list with highlighting activated, some concerts are presented a little more prominent, based on those users musical taste.

This feature is meant to work as some kind of recommendation system, is not limited to genres and does of course not necessarily represent everyones musical taste.

If you don't want this kind of curation, you can disable the highlighting by clicking the button at the top of the list, at any time.

Who is behind this platform?

Next to some friends, that do the curating, it's me: Ju!

Also, I'd like to specifically thank J├╝rgen from Interaktionswerk for contributing his ideas and giving me advice on many design issues in his spare time.


If you find any errors or weird behavior, contact me and describe what happend at kontakt@derkonzert.de.

Also send an email, if you think the website is missing something, or if you have an idea on how to improve it.

Under the hood

I'll probably write more about it someday, but for now you'll have settle for this bullshit-bingo-buzzword list:

derkonzert.de is an isomorphic webapp, written in javascript with the help of reactjs, relayjs, redux, graphql, babeljs and webpack, backed by mongodb and redis, served by nginx and haproxy living in a docker environment, which is continuously being updated by a Drone-CI instance.

So far, so good. Now let's ship it!

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