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Support, if you can.

This website is all about concerts and you probably love going to concerts as much as I do. But currently, all the people being involved in making these events happen, great artists, organizers, venues, labels and many more, face very hard times.

So, please — if you are able to — support them in any possible way, so that we can have great concerts in the future.

Although there are many ways you can help, here are some tips to get you going:

  • buy the records you're already streaming all the time
  • buy solidary tickets
  • don't insist on getting your money back for canceled shows
  • buy tickets for future events, even though they might get cancelled
  • ask others to do the same

Of course there are many other people aside from music events that currently need help, but since this is a concert platform, I specifically want to focus on those.

Aside from this, stay healthy and sane, and don't listen to the confused, loud people.

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About derkonzert

This website is a non-commercial project, that allows enthusiastic concert visitors to curate a list of events for Munich (Germany).

Its purposes are the discovery of new music, not missing important concerts and enhancing Munichs concert culture.

All events are maintained manually by its visitors and users.

The event list is not limited to certain genres or musical styles. Everyone is invited to participate and to contribute.

Registered users can receive email notifications about updates to the list, bookmark events they would like to visit, and sync those into their calendars.

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The entire project is open source and available on github.