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About derkonzert

derkonzert is an open calendar for concerts and festivals in the area of Munich, Germany. It is curated by its users, as everyone only adds events they actually like.

  • There is no claim to completeness
  • No commercial goals are pursued.
  • No personal data is evaluated.

You can find an overview of all its features on this page.

Ideas and Feedback

If you're having problems with this website, want to share an idea or just give feedback, don't hesitate. You're more than welcome to write an email or simply to use the anonymous feedback form below.

We value your feedback
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Who's behind derkonzert?

Next to many friends, helping me with their feedback and ideas, the website is developed and maintained by myself (Ju) privately.

The project

Under the code name "dk4", this already is the fourth version of derkonzert.

Since it is a hobby project, it might take some time to fix potential bugs and stuff… But I usually try to maintain everything as quickly as possible. All code is open-source and therefore publicly available on GitHub.