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Features of derkonzert

Here you can find a quick overview of the most important features.

Accessible without an account

All information is publically available and it is possible to post events anonymously.

Adding events

Every visitor can add new concerts to derkonzert, which will be visible immediatley to all other visitors. It's going to be marked as "not yet verified", as long as a manual check hasn't been made. Only in some very rare cases, an event might get deleted.

Proposing changes

It is possible to anonymously propose an update to an event. There might have been a change that we didn't track yet, or even a typo. This way, every visitor can contribute to the quality of derkonzert contents.

All proposed updates are visible to all visitors immediatley, but only get applied after a manual check.

Only accessible with an account

Some features are only possible with registration, therefore it optionally is possible to create an account.

Save your favorites

As a registered user it is possible to favoritize events and create your own events-list. It is also possible to sync this list into your online calendar.

Weekly Updates

To stay up to date, you can subscribe and receive an email every week, with all updates and changes summorized.



The interface is available in German and in English. The events itself (title, descriptions and so on) are not translated into separate languages. Sorry for that!